1.5 million euros emergency aid after hailstorm in Waldviertel – 5 minutes

Posted July 2, 2024, 2:22 pm
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Storm cleanup continues in Waldviertel

Storm cleanup continues in Waldviertel

After heavy hailstorms hit the Waidhofen an der Thaya district on Sunday, the government is providing 1.5 million euros in emergency aid to affected communities.

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The state government meeting on Tuesday decided to increase the disaster relief fund. Three more cities have been declared disaster areas. This means that seven towns in the communities of Waldkirchen an der Daya and Tobersberg are affected. Firefighters continued their work on Tuesday.

Unity is needed

“Lower Austria is characterized by the fact that we stick together and get through things – this is especially true in crisis situations and particularly visible on the ground,” emphasized state governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP). “900,000 euros to repair the damage will come from the disaster fund, and the rest will be paid by the state,” explained his deputy Stefan Bernkopf (ÖVP). Municipal damage commissions have already started their work.

Hedging will be completed soon

According to reports, 210 roofs including 150 residential buildings were damaged due to hailstorm. Vehicles, facades, farm and outbuildings and fields were also affected. On Tuesday, the remaining roof areas of the residential buildings will be protected by tarpaulins, the district fire brigade command said. About 100 firefighters have been deployed. The disaster area has been expanded. Waldkirchen, Gilgenberg and Rappolz along with Waldkirchen ad Thaya and Lexnitz in Dobersberg, Waldhers (municipality of Waldkirchen an der Thaya), Reibers near Dobersberg and Brunn (both municipalities of Dobersberg) are now affected.

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Quick and easy

WKNÖ is under the State Guild of Roofers, Glaziers and Plumbers http://wko.at/noe/dachdecker-hagelunwetter A separate website has been set up for roofing companies in Lower Austria with free capacity for repair work in the affected area. The most important thing now is to quickly cover the affected buildings with tarpaulins. Roofing and plumbing companies are still in use here, and things are progressing quickly, said state guild master Friedrich Sillip. “After that, the long-term repair work begins, although our list always shows companies that are capable of renovating.”

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