3DMakerpro Moose Light Im Test

Chinese 3D scanning specialist 3DMakerpro recently launched a new 3D scanner, the Moose. We were given a new Moose Lite and in this test we explore the technical details and user-friendliness of the device.

Design and delivery scope

3DMakerpro Moose Lite comes in a robust metal housing that gives the scanner high quality. Scope of delivery includes the scanner, various power adapters, a turntable, a tripod and a lanyard. A detailed manual can be found online, but commissioning is intuitive and supported by short hardware instructions.

Technical notes

Moose Light Scanner uses NIR technology for high scanning accuracy. The manufacturer promises an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm with a resolution of 0.10 mm. Individual log area is 200 x 100 mm. Unique features include AI-powered scene tracking, an anti-shake module and marker-free technology that eliminates the need to place markers.

Type parameter details
Scan performance parameters Accuracy 0,05 mm
Resolution 0,10 mm
Legal rate 10 fps
Monitoring method AI-powered scene tracking
Working distance 150-400 mm
Single registration area 200×100 mm
Typical material sizes 15-1500 mm
Software system requirements Output format OBJ/STL/PLY/ASC
compliance system Windows 10/11 64bit, MacOS 12/13/14
Compatible mobile device Android 10.0 or later, iOS 15.0 or later (expanded support)
Minimum system requirements Intel Core i5 8th Gen, 16GB RAM, MX250 GPU Mid 2GB VRAM
Recommended system requirements Intel Core i7 8th generation, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA 3060 GPU mit 4 GB VRAM
Hardware parameters through light NIR
Color system Monochromatic Farbetexturen
USB interface USB 2.0
Dimensions 115×70×35 mm
Weight 250 grams

Software and user experience

3DMakerpro Moose uses JM Studio software, which is available for both desktop computers and mobile apps. The software is designed to be user-friendly and offers various modes like “Easy Scan” and “Table Scan”. The “Easy Scan” mode was most useful for beginners, while the “Table Scan” mode was suitable for more complex materials.

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A major advantage of the software is the ability to manually align multiple scans if automatic alignment is not satisfactory. This allows for more accurate post-processing and combines different perspectives into a complete 3D model.

Practice test

In the practice test, we scanned various objects, including a small owl figure. Particularly impressive was the scanner’s ability to capture reflective surfaces and dark objects with high levels of detail. However, it has been shown that some loss of detail can occur with highly reflective objects, which is the case with most 3D scanners.

Associated software enables easy post-processing and export in various common formats (OBJ/STL/PLY/ASC). We were able to export the scan as STL and use it for 3D printing without any problems.


3DMakerpro Moose Lite is a powerful 3D scanner that scores especially with its high accuracy and intuitive operation. Priced at $399, it offers good value for money. For users who need accurate 3D scans, the Moose is a worthwhile investment.

If you want a more powerful 3D scanner, you can check out 3DMakerpro Moose. The manufacturer’s scanner offers high resolution and blue light technology.

3DMakerpro Maker Madness

From June 27th to July 11th, the 3DMakerpro Maker Madness Promotion Days will take place, a huge sales promotion to thank new and old users for their support. Up to 30% off all 3DMakerpro scanners.

There is more on this Official website.

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