Beach “shark alert” on Croatian Adriatic coast?

A buzz in and around Vodice in Croatia: A shark has reportedly been spotted off the coast of the coastal town in Šibenik-Knin County in central Dalmatia – in the midst of the holiday season, thousands of Austrians make the pilgrimage to the area.

Suspicious fins

Stone of Contention is a video posted on TikTok. You can see the transparent dorsal fins sticking out of the water. A woman’s voice warns in the background not to go into the water because there is a baby shark in it. After a while, he says that there are actually two copies.

Two baby sharks?

But are sharks really causing havoc in this vacation paradise? Official confirmation from the authorities is still pending, but there is already a heated debate in the Croatian media. On the local website They are suspected to be two young blue sharks.

This may not be pleasant as the blue shark is one of the most dangerous shark species for humans. They have often attacked people and boats in the past. However, they rarely appear directly near the coast. Their habitat is usually not coastal; Either way, it’s as at home in the Adriatic as it is everywhere. Called cosmopolitan, it occurs in all tropical and temperate marine areas and is considered the most widespread of all cartilaginous fishes.

It never hurts to be cautious when seeing potential sharks in the water. But the danger should not be exaggerated. Sharks generally do not attack themselves and are not inherently aggressive animals.

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