Carinthia expects the first “summer week” – 5 minutes

Posted June 16, 2024, 12:31 pm
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Next week will be hot and summery in Carinthia.

Next week will be hot and summery in Carinthia.

While parts of Carinthia are still struggling with continued rain today, it will be dry from Monday – then summery from Tuesday. We have a forecast for you.

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“Although the chances of rain are still a little higher today, it will be summer from Tuesday,” says a meteorologist from “Geosphere Austria” in an interview with 5 Minutes. But it will be drier and considerably warmer in Carinthia early in the week on Monday. The maximum temperature on Sunday will be 24 degrees, while on Monday it will touch 27 degrees. Summer heat hits from Tuesday.

“Friday could be up to 33 degrees”

“From Tuesday to Thursday the maximum temperature in Carinthia will be between 30 and 31 degrees every day, and on Friday it may even reach 33 degrees,” explains the meteorologist. Despite the Saharan dust, it may moderate the warming from Thursday a bit.

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Stable weather is on the horizon

Additionally, it will be more stable from Tuesday to Thursday. The expert expects lots of sun and no precipitation. “Perfect weather for mowing the lawn,” he says. By the way, you can find here when you are allowed to mow your lawn in Carinthia and when you are not.

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It won’t get “cold” again until Saturday

Friday’s weather should be fine again for the time being. Although the forecast for Friday through Sunday is still uncertain, warm thunderstorms and showers are now expected again. It will cool down again by the weekend, with temperatures likely to “drop” below 30 degrees.

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