Curious Own Goal, Speedster, Gala: Portugal Turkey and…

The Turks clearly dominated the stands on Saturday, but Portugal shone on the pitch. Ronaldo and co were group winners after a 3-0 win. Turkey still has progress on its hands.

Thanks to a slapstick own goal, Portugal narrowly defeated Turkey to qualify for the European Championship round of 16. The team around superstar Cristiano Ronaldo beat coach Vincenzo Montella’s side 3-0 (2-0).

Bernardo Silva (21st minute), Samet Agaidin (28th) with a curious own goal and Bruno Fernandes (56th) scored the goals of 2016 in a warm atmosphere at the Dortmund stadium, Portugal is already the group winner with 6 points.

Cristiano Ronaldo (R.) made magic.APA / AFP / Patricia De Melo Moreira

Unlike the Iberians, the Turks still have three points to worry about coming into the knockout stages. However, a point in the last group game against the Czech Republic was enough for second place and safe progression. The support from around 40,000 rabid fans in the stands didn’t help either. Turkey played passionately in front of 61,047 spectators, but lacked creativity and efficiency up front. In hindsight, the Turks had nothing international.

Ronaldo forgives

Tens of thousands of Turkish fans got into the mood for the game with a fan parade to the stadium. The team bus arrived at the stadium an hour and a half before the start of the game, much to the delight of the supporters. When Ronaldo was shown on the stadium screens, a concert of whistles rang out throughout the already well-packed stands at this early stage.

On the pitch, the Turks initially had to do without Real Madrid’s Arta Guler, their ailing confidence. The dream scorer in the 3-1 win over Georgia was on the bench at the start of the game, as was Juventus Turin’s Kenan Yildis.

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Turkey fans disappointed in Dortmund.

Turkey fans disappointed in Dortmund.APA / AFP / Patricia De Melo Moreira

Even without the two 19-year-old attacking artists, a fast-paced game immediately developed, with both teams looking for quick passes. Only 68 seconds had been played when Ronaldo scored his first goal. The Turks also launched an attack early. After a well-played attack, Kerem Aktergoglu failed to put the ball in front of goal.

Incredible own goal

Bernardo Silva did well to take Portugal’s first big chance to take the lead. Orkun Kökcü volleyed a cross from the left at the feet of the Manchester City attacker – and he fired powerfully home.

Things got worse for the Turks. Ronaldo complained to teammate Joao Cancelo after a poor pass, but Turkish defender Akeidin played the ball past goalkeeper Alte Paynedir into his own goal. The paintir began between the places of Merd Cunok.

Goalkeeper Alde Bayintir and defender Zeki Celik were late on for Samed Akaidin's own goal.

Goalkeeper Alde Bayintir and defender Zeki Celik were late on for Samed Akaitin’s own goal.ABA / AFP / Frank Fife

The Turks retaliated with furious attacks. However, the Portuguese defense around Pepe, the 41-year-old European champion, stood up well and allowed only a few clear shots. The fury of the Turkish fans was now directed against the German referee, Felix Sweier. The 43-year-old was sent to the dressing room with whistles and wild insults.

Speedster on the selfie hunt

The mood of the supporters did not improve after the break. After a long ball, Ronaldo unselfishly fed it to Bruno Fernandes and the 29-year-old converted effortlessly to make it 3-0. Only the Portuguese supporters could now be heard in the stadium. It was only when Mandela brought in Yildis and Guler that things got loud again in the Turkish camp. But even super talents no longer bring the twist.

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Ronaldo was much loved by the fast bowlers.

Ronaldo was much loved by the fast bowlers.APA / AFP / Patricia De Melo Moreira

There was cheers and fun when a boy entered the pitch, chased by stewards, to take a selfie with Ronaldo. Moments later, Ronaldo angrily responded to another boy on the pitch. In stoppage time, two more fans ran onto the field.

Portugal coach Roberto Martinez will now rest his tired players ahead of the final group game against Georgia. Rafael Liao brought his own break almost immediately, his second caution this match for a tackle – the same reason he received his first yellow card. (APA/dpa)

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