Hacker wants to put an end to “part-time exam doctors.”

Hacker wants to end the practice at the beginning of the year where doctors work only a few hours in public hospitals and the rest in private practices. “We are currently negotiating with staff representatives as part of the second staff package. I have nothing against elected doctors. But anyone who works part-time in the public health system owes a duty to the system,” Hacker said in “Kronen Zeitung” (Saturday edition). “So you can work 20 hours in a hospital and 20 hours in a primary care center. But ten hours in a government hospital and the rest in a private hospital will no longer exist in the near future,” he said.

No negotiation yet

Union representatives of Vienna Health Association employees were surprised after the hacker’s move. There are no talks about this yet, union president Christian Meidlinger and Edgar Martin, head of “Team Health” (main group II) at the union, stressed in a press release. “It will only be discussed in the summer, as the timetable for the negotiations of the second staff package indicates.”

In these discussions between employer and employee representatives, elected representatives of doctors in the Vienna Health Association will be closely involved “to find solutions in the interests of both the professional group and the Vienna Health System”. Martin. “The challenges in this complex system are huge. We don’t believe in pre-arranging negotiating positions through the media.

The medical association expressed its displeasure

However, the hackers face strong interventions from the Vienna Medical Association: the announcement that hospital doctors will be banned from further work in the selected medical field in the future is “incomprehensible and completely unacceptable,” according to a press release. freedom This was “pure politics on Vienna’s back,” criticized Steinhardt, the head of the medical association. “Threatening sanctions against employees during an election campaign is against all principles of employee-friendly politics.” Such “forced restriction of professional freedom” leads many doctors to leave their jobs in hospitals. “This will massively worsen the situation in our healthcare facilities and patients will suffer again.”

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The medical association has urged hackers to get involved in the discussions as soon as possible. “Mr. City Council, please reconsider your hasty and ill-advised advice,” Steinhardt demanded. Instead, what is needed are “pathways and ideas that will protect our solidarity-based health care system in the long term and improve the working conditions of physicians” and that the medical association “will be ready to negotiate quickly with constructive suggestions.”

Criticism from the FPÖ and ÖVP as well

Vienna’s FPÖ also criticized: “The professional ban for doctors is not only a populist measure, but also greatly endangers health care in Vienna,” Blue health spokesman Wolfgang Seidl said in a broadcast. “It’s scary that the hacker doesn’t understand the consequences of his decisions.”

“Sanctions and populist measures are the wrong approach,” Vienna ÖVP health spokeswoman Ingrid Koroszek said in a broadcast. “The populist measures that City Councilor Hacker wants to use to reform Vienna’s already strained healthcare system are intolerable.”

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