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A lot changes when it comes to motorway tolls in Croatia. For many holidaymakers this means getting used to it, but it should offer them benefits.

Zagreb – Standing in traffic in the summer heat is no fun. Especially the cause of traffic congestion is not easily avoided. Croatia probably thought so too, and is currently planning to integrate a new, more effective toll system on motorways. From 2025 onwards, the existing toll booths will be replaced by a fully electronic system.

The aim of the new system is to improve traffic flow by reducing stopping and waiting times. The barrier-free toll system aims to provide significant relief, especially during the holiday season, when streets are clogged with tourists. ADAC reported. Not only Croatia, but other countries also have payment systems, but there are some rules that vacationers should observe.

The new toll system in Croatia: full digitization, efficiency and sustainability

The new, electronic payment system in Croatia should shine with some positive aspects. By eliminating stops at toll booths, not only will travel time be reduced, vacationers will also save fuel, which is beneficial for the environment. Modern recognition technologies can easily identify vehicles, which automatically calculate the appropriate fares. The new toll system is designed for at least 15 years of use and does not require any major updates.

Croatia wants to reduce traffic on highways in the future. (thumbnail) © Bihlmayerfotografie/IMAGO

To ensure accurate toll collection and billing, heavy vehicles will have to use Electronic Toll Collection (ENC) devices in future. Light vehicles can choose between ENC and a license plate recognition system, giving them more flexibility.

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A new toll system in Croatia also benefits holidaymakers

Complete digitization of the payment system, from vehicle registration to toll payment, reduces the chance of errors and increases efficiency. Like a website According to reports, only 300 vehicles per hour can be processed at a toll booth at present, whereas with the help of digital tolling it could be up to 3,000 vehicles.

Digital vignettes are also available in Austria, but holidaymakers must take great care to travel with a valid ticket, otherwise higher alternative toll payments may follow.

Digital Toll System in Croatia: Both these payment methods are available to drivers

Next year holidaymakers traveling on Croatian highways will no longer have to queue at toll stations, but will be able to conveniently pay with an e-vignette. loud ADAC Drivers can choose between two payment methods. With an e-vignette available online or with a toll box that can be purchased in advance, though only available for vehicles under 3 meters tall and under 3.5 tonnes.

However, it is yet to be decided whether the current route-based toll will be replaced by flat-rate toll as part of the e-vignette. In the Croatian Motorway Company’s price list for toll routes HAC Vacation makers can see in advance what costs to expect during high and low season.

Drivers in Italy should expect inflation. Fees for toll subscriptions may soon double. (cg)

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