“Matrix” star in blood-sucking zombies and rockstar

So it’s Rockerdog back in Burgenland, and they’re all back: rock fans, always quiet, gathered in a mobile open-air museum of tattoo trends over the last 25 years, dressed in funny costumes (full-bodied unicorns!) and already broke on Thursday afternoon, giving the box of noodles you bought a tough one. Look like the boss, who always escapes when you try to stab him with a fork, because: the thing spins like the rest of the world.

On the festival site, while Mud Planet thankfully aren’t playing this year, everyone else is moving like Illuminated. As city-dwellers do when they’re out in nature, you’re walking a little precariously across undulating fields. Even if the two don’t want to interact with each other, with their own combustion engine vehicle waiting outside in a well-ordered manner between the wind turbines, of course.

Speaking of order: Nova Rock shines with perfect organization over the years, no trace of traffic jams, and everything on site runs like clockwork. The number of visitors has expanded significantly compared to the beginning. fathers explaining to their sons the finer points of a roaring guitar sound; Meanwhile, mothers and their daughters cheer on tattooed, attractive guys Balaye Royale aka Hollywood star Keanu Reeves, performed with his band Tagstar in the afternoon and got lost behind his bass guitar as we all do in life.

This way it worked Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell was momentarily lost at his band’s first Austrian appearance in 30 years, when he assured the audience that if they thought their parents didn’t understand anything, they were right: the average age is very close. Farrell (65) thought he was addressing the youth here.

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When the music isn’t so interesting, you’ll sit together under the big Burgenland tent, the area showing off with wine and meat and lard bread.

Yes, music!

An insight from opening day: Blood-sucking, alien zombies aren’t easy. Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, an Austrian band with the tough name, ran out of beer to fill Slipknot singer Corey Taylor’s suddenly canceled show. In the main evening performance slot on the red stage, people were definitely on the defensive: almost everyone flocked to Billy Talent, where a lead character appeared for the first time.

The zombies chanted on the lawn that their costume was not a Halloween costume. Of course, it’s all a bit ridiculous, and it’s a line that’s sometimes hard to draw in Hungary’s borderland: you have to decide from time to time whether certain things are funny or simplistic. Funny. Green Day dropped “bombs” on the audience from an inflatable plane, according to APA, while Gloryhammer singer Sosos Michael was on another stage swinging an oversized hammer from which he plucked a green ogre.

A beer might help there too. In the evening, when it gets dark, you don’t need to squint your eyes at the blue stage where the sun takes a long time to set, a few unicorns start to light up, and the back of the Cordon Bleu-dealers. He spat out some firecracker towers. It’s definitely a good out of the ring game, you think.

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