New opening – Turkish food in the pedestrian zone of Hallabrun

A Turkish grocery store opened this week at Sparkassegasse 15 in the Hollabrunn pedestrian zone. Martin Stierbach’s e-bike shop was at this address for a long time. Although the large area still looks empty, shelves are constantly being added, the owner explains.

Süveybe Öztürk from Ziersdorf fulfilled a childhood dream with this business, supported by sister Seren Demir. Austerg was assistant manager at Billa’s store in Vienna. The name D&G stands for her parents’ initials. “My father passed away recently. I think he would be proud of me,” says Giersdorfer.

It offers fruits and vegetables from Turkey, Turkish sweets and salty snacks, drinks, spices, pasta and Turkish baked goods such as sesame rings and flatbread bought from the Turkish bakery in Vienna. “In my opinion, cucumbers from Turkey taste better,” laughs Özturk. Product labels are all in Turkish, sometimes with German or English subtitles. “Of course we’re happy to translate,” promises the owner.

Although renovations are underway, you can still shop.

Belinda Grottendorfer

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