Several people were injured in the Mariahilf fire


On Thursday evening there was a major operation by the Vienna Professional Fire Brigade on the Linge Wiensiel in Vienna-Mariahilfe. 7 people were injured in this fire accident and 3 people were hospitalized. The fire was extinguished shortly before 6 p.m.

Vienna Professional Firefighters were called into action just after 5 p.m. The fire department said the fire broke out in an apartment complex. The Vienna Fire Department used a turntable ladder to rescue some people from the smoke-filled building across from Nashmark. According to the Professional Rescue Service, seven people were injured in the fire.

One was seriously injured

Two men and a woman were taken to hospital. Among them was one who lived in an apartment on the top floor facing the courtyard, which was completely gutted. She and one of the two escaped with minor injuries.

Additionally, according to Huber, it appears that a critically injured person was also in the apartment when the fire broke out. The man suffered burns and smoke inhalation. The remaining four were treated on the spot by a professional rescue team deployed with a special task force and several ambulances.

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According to fire department spokesman Martin Hofbauer, it was an extensive house fire that caused heavy smoke in the stairwell. The fire was extinguished using multiple hoses from different attack points. The work of the fire brigade ended in the evening. The operation began in a very confusing way for emergency services agencies. “Countless ads have been received,” Hofbauer told APA.

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It’s not just affected residents calling the emergency number. Passersby and onlookers made emergency calls to Nashmark across the street to report the fire. Eyewitnesses reported an explosion. The fire department still can’t say whether the explosion actually occurred and started the fire, Hofbauer said. A fire brigade spokeswoman declined to confirm reports linking the fire to APA on a gas stove working evening.

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