St. Pölten Dart Youth – St. Game wins with Pölten

Timo Ganser and Fabian Wolf are part of the St. Baldner dart club “Little Arrows” and can look back on a first half of the year full of sports victories. Cancer shined at the Austrian Steel Darts Youth Championships in Klagenfurt in May, winning both the doubles against teammate Moritz Göttinger and the youth singles. This qualified him for the World Cup in England. Fabian Wolf put in a great performance – finishing the tournament with two fifth places in the youth doubles in the singles and Otto Gabriel. But that’s not all – the young talent exceeded all expectations at the Austrian State Darts Championship. Cancer topped their group with three wins in their round-robin group and advanced to the second knockout round. Due to the strength of his team, Wolfe was unable to advance to the knockout stage. However the balance of the matches is more than positive.

In addition to darts, also padel tennis

Timo Gancer shows his skills not only in javelin but also in padel tennis. In 2023 he and his brother Niko won the 1st Bundesliga Youth title for TC Stattersdorf.

St Paulton is a sports centre

Matthias Stadler, mayor of the state capital St. Bolton, was impressed and delighted with the performance of the “Little Arrows” players during their visit. “It’s great to know that St Paulton has such dedicated and talented young athletes,” he explains. “This is a win not only for the Lancers but for St Bolton and the great city of the state capital. St Paulton has a lot to show for the game.

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