Vienna faces next tariff hike

That means after a gap of one year, the automatic payment system will come back into effect. The price increase for parking tickets, which will always be adjusted only in 5 cent increments, will be very clear: parking time will be 2.65 euros (instead of the current 2.50), and 120 minutes of parking will be 5.30 next year. 5 euros.

A fee increase will occur in a Vienna election year

It remains to be seen whether the red-pink city government will put the brakes on it and decide on a different regulation in the state parliament – ​​which has already happened – as the tariff hikes are set to come down in the run-up to Vienna’s 2025 elections. In the past. In particular, the Vienna SPÖ, which has always increased tactically before the review law of 2007 and usually after the elections, faces a dilemma: above all, it presents itself at the federal and state level as a fighter against hyperinflation; However, if automation is suspended this time, the Viennese will face a “price hammer” in 2026, possibly increasing by as much as ten percent.

SPÖ city councilor Finance Peter Hanke’s office did not want to comment on the rate hike until the final CPI data is available from Statistics Austria. VP Vienna finance spokesman Manfred Juraczka informs KURIER that the matter was recently discussed in the board: “Financial director Christoph Maschek’s answer is that currently suspending the assessment is not an issue.”

Trash is getting (soon) cheap

At least there is some good news for Viennese households: according to Juraska, there will be a discount of about ten percent on garbage fees for the current quarter. Responsible for this is the central government’s “fee break” of 150 million euros, of which Vienna receives about 32 million euros and uses it entirely to dispose of the waste. “It was decided in committee. However, it would be better to repeal the entire assessment law, because a fee should only cover actual costs. It’s mainly about affordable housing,” Juraska complains.

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