Will the turquoise-green alliance fall apart? – Austria kicks off European Championship…

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Will the turquoise-green alliance fall apart? Leonore Gewessler (Greens) wants to vote on the EU Recovery Act at the EU Environment Ministers meeting today. “It is unacceptable to my conscience to hesitate now,” he told a hastily called press conference on Sunday – adding fuel to the fire. Because: The ÖVP is against the law and warns of “violation of the constitution and the law”. Can Alliance Disputes Lead to Alliance Collapse? More on this.

Talks about alliance conflicts: The EU revival law is now focused not only on Vienna but also on Luxembourg. Recent EU regulation lacks a qualified majority. However, what is the most fiercely fought law really about? My colleague Mattias Auer found the answers by asking himself this question (and others). More on this.

European Championship start for Austria: This evening, the fourth day of this European football championship, Austria can also intervene in the competition. With the kick-off against France, the wait is over for the nine million team bosses in the country. However: secret favorites don’t win titles, cautions Christoph Castinger In the morning glow.

EU special summit sets course for better jobs: EU heads of state and government are gathering for an informal dinner in Brussels this evening to discuss the future top posts of the European Commission, Council, Foreign Service and others. Austria is represented by Chancellor Karl Nehhammer (ÖVP).

The number of ready-to-use nuclear weapons around the world is increasing. Warships are being discarded and the number of nuclear weapons has been declining for decades, the Stockholm peace research institute SIPRI writes in its new annual report. At the same time, more warships were kept ready for use. The number of nuclear weapons under development has also increased.

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Israel warns of more conflict with Hezbollah: In a video statement, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari accused Hezbollah, a Shiite militia on Lebanon’s border, of increasing its attacks and thereby endangering the future of the neighboring country. Meanwhile, a senior adviser to US President Joe Biden traveled to Israel on Monday to work to prevent further escalation, according to the insider. More on this in Live Ticker.

Trust in news is very low: General trust in the news has fallen again in Austria. According to a recent Reuters Institute digital news report, 34.9 percent of adults trust them, the lowest since the data was collected. Every second person surveyed described their “own news source” as trustworthy. Television continues to be the main source of information (26.9 percent). Willingness to pay online for news stagnates.

Former VfGH President Adamovich dies: Ludwig Adamovich, former head of the Constitutional Court, died on Sunday at the age of 91. Adamović was President of the Constitutional Court for 19 years from 1984 to 2002. After his term ended, Adamović was an honorary adviser on constitutional issues to then-Federal President Heinz Fischer and current Federal President Alexander van der Bellen. More on this.

Bathing weather in Austria: The weather will be better next week. Meteorologists at Geosphere Austria predicted on Sunday that temperatures will rise significantly from today and reach 30 degrees. Friday’s high will be 35 degrees. However, heavy thunderstorms are already occurring. More on this.

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