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Content that counts: The Meat content Between 67 and 84 percent of the Frankfurt sausages tested were Products rated best by a jury of experts had a meat content of more than 80 percent. The food code doesn't specify whether it should be pork or beef, only history indicates that. Butcher Johann Georg Lahner came to Vienna from Frankfurt in 1804 and refined the Frankfurt recipe, which consisted exclusively of pork with beef. This is also explained A confusion of terms: Sausages popular everywhere outside Austria”Wiener” is called, but in Austria it is Frankfurter The appearance of the sausage inventor is respected.

What makes a good frankfurter?

It's definitely worth checking out the ingredients list. It's not the meat content in the roast that's interesting, but the open percentage. how much Water and cheap starch Additions of spices? There are good frankfurters Natural cover Filled, the reference “sheep mushroom” provides information about it in the ingredients. Only two products in the tasting contained artificial casings; You can easily identify the sausages because they rarely bend and the skin on the ends of the sausage looks like plastic.

Smooth sound

The art of the butcher is that the meat is firm but not rubbery and the flavor is balanced. The smoky aroma should not be too strong, the taste should be subtle of pork and not too salty. Good frankfurters crack calling, If you break them. It is important to prepare it properly; The water in the pot should not boil and the sausage should sit for about 10 minutes. Finally, mouthfeel is important; The meat should be juicy, but not too watery or too fatty.

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