A child allowance of 720 euro is available in advance

with New application Submit your tax return and get this year's average in minutes Up to 1,000 euros Return from tax office.

From July 2023, those receiving unemployment benefit, emergency assistance, compensation or social assistance and single parents with a gross income of less than 2,000 euros also receive benefits. 60 euros extra per child per month. The charge is valid till December 2024, so the total is from July of the previous year 1.080 Euro. As a rule, it is repaid after two months.

However, many single parents or single earners will have to wait longer for the 2024 Family Allowance to be awarded. Still waiting for this year 720 euros per child To all eligible persons. What you can do now so that the money returns to your account as soon as possibleYou can find it here at Finanz.at.

There have been long delays in payments in recent months, as Finanz.at has reported several times exclusively, as payments are made by various organizations. Due to the decrees of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the necessary technical changes, in Vienna and Styria, for example, social assistance grants were received much later than in other federal states.


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By the end of 2023, adults receiving social assistance will receive a subsidy of 60 euros per month – from July. 360 euros last year in total.

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Delay due to staff evaluation

The Federal Accounting Agency (BHAG) has just announced that many single parents and single earners will now have to wait to pay the €60 per child subsidy. This is because the money is always two months past due. Amount paid in March 2024 will be applicable for January 2024 period.

Entitlement to family allowance for 2024 depends on a review of employee assessment or single parent and single income tax credit and estimated annual income.

You should do this now to get the payment faster

As these applications are mostly being processed, payment can be resumed only after verification of the payroll tax balance for the previous year 2023. This means that many eligible single parents and earners will have to wait a while for the €60 per child per month to be transferred back into their account.

It is important to submit the tax return for 2023 as soon as possible, if this has not already happened. It allows them Processing was fast And eventually that too Child Benefit can be re-released.

According to BHAG, those receiving unemployment benefits, emergency assistance or social assistance are not affected. These payments are made by other organizations and are not dependent on employee evaluation.


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