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Ledvance Everloop products open new avenues in the lighting industry with their sustainability and longevity. Thanks to the easy exchange of the LED light source and LED driver, Everloop lights have an almost unlimited service life.

Everloop is not just a product line; It is the solution for the future of resource saving in the lighting industry. By designing luminaires designed for easy upgrades and customization, Letvance works with Everloop to increase the lifespan of luminaires and thus reduce environmental impact.

Advantages of Everloop?

Consistency: Everloop-related products are designed to reduce their carbon footprint by providing an almost infinite lifespan and reducing the need to constantly replace lamps.

Flexibility: With Everloop, lights can be operated with virtually no lifetime limitations by replacing components such as the LED light source and LED driver. A basic structure has been established, which is often and quickly required for technological advancements.

Performance: Everloop technology guarantees the usual high performance and quality, but thanks to modern Ledvans LED technology significant energy savings.

Longevity: Thanks to the technological concept and the processing of high-quality materials, Everloop products are designed for a long service life.

Simplicity: Installing and maintaining Everloop products is straightforward, saving time and resources.

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Why choose?

With Everloop, users are betting on a future in which lighting solutions are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also contribute positively to our planet. Everloop represents a world where economic efficiency and ecological responsibility go hand in hand.

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