About ten fastest players in Carinthia every year


From March 1st, speeders in Austria will not only face fines and have their driving license revoked, but can also have their car impounded if they break the speed limit. In Carinthia, five to ten cars can be impounded each year. Many drivers have been caught speeding in recent years.

From March 1, if you exceed the speed limit of 80 kmph in local areas and 90 kmph outside the city, your car will be impounded and auctioned. If you have a relevant criminal record, this is possible at a speed of 60 or 70 km/h.

The anti-speeder package has been a long-standing demand of the Trustee for Road Safety, Klaus Robach says: “This 34th amendment of the StVO is a step in the right direction and we support it. What more do we need in Austria. A driver's license cancellation – yes the previous and, above all , for a long time.”

The ÖAMTC found the Act unconstitutional

Transport Minister Leonor Küssler (Green) boldly announced the move to take the deadly weapon out of the hands of speeders. ÖAMTC doubts whether confiscation of vehicles is effective and has legal concerns. Administrative authorities cannot decide on interventions on property. It said in a release that the new law may be unconstitutional.

Reservations not shared by Klaus Robach from the Road Safety Board. After a stop, the police can decide on site whether the temporary impoundment will last two weeks or longer: “That alone will surely contribute to the fact that many people drive slowly on Austria's roads.”

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So auctions are the big exception. However, the law provides for driving license entries with driving restrictions for leased or rented vehicles.

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