After several false emergency calls, police investigate…

A stranger terrorizes a family in Mauerbach. He repeatedly calls emergency services to their address because of a fire or stabbing. Pizza and a coffin were also ordered there.

Lower Austrian police are investigating false emergency calls in Mauerbach (St. Pölten district). An unknown person has made several calls to the emergency services at the same address over the past few weeks. No fire or injuries were reported, police spokesman Johan Baumschlager confirmed Thursday when asked about related media reports. An investigation into the misuse of emergency signals is underway and the state crime branch police office is also involved.

According to Baumschlager, the unknown person is using “caller ID spoofing.” This means that the origin is hidden by a fake phone number. The series started at the beginning of the year. Since then, among others, a stabbing has been reported, and a pizza, a taxi or even a hearse has been ordered to the address, local fire chief Harald Pollock said. Aid for revival was also sought. “The victim's family is in despair,” he said. A helicopter is also requested after an apparent emergency.

“This is not a scoundrel's prank”

The fire department has now been called three times for operations that ultimately turned out to be false alarms. “Every emergency call must be followed,” Pollock stressed. On January 5th, a prank call by the local fire department prompted a major operation involving rescue and police. In this case, it is said that the fire spread in one of the apartments with heavy smoke.

The caller is believed to be a teenager. Cops warn copycats. “This is not a prank by a scoundrel,” insisted Baumschlager. Misusing emergency signals is punishable by up to six months in jail or a fine. (APA)

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