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The new Vienna Action Museum (WAM) opened in the city center on Friday. One goal is to draw attention to the global importance of Vienna's activism.

The works of Günter Brus, Otto Mühl, Hermann Nitsch and Rudolf Schwarzkogler, who moved from painting to action, are extensively presented in the new museum. “They did not abandon their pictorial thinking and how they worked with real human and animal bodies in space and time and how intensively they used the body as an object, as a medium – this is one of the most unusual things you can see in our exhibition”, WAM director Julia Mobus in “Vienna Today”. Buck assures.

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Moebus-Puck describes the art of the Viennese Actionists as “definitely confrontational, extreme – the artists wanted to communicate things directly. That felt particularly shocking then and now, and in my opinion, heavy duty.”

The Museum of Viennese Actionism opens

What is Viennese activism? This question will be answered at the relevant museum from Friday. Later the Museum of Vienna Actionism was opened in Weiburghaus in the city center.

Establishment of six private collectors

The Vienna Museum of Actionism was founded by six private collectors who bought parts of the Friedrichshof collection – and now offer them to the public on a permanent basis. The inaugural exhibition provides an initial overview of the collection, which includes thousands of works.

“I think this art inspires and moves you. It's important to me – that's why I was so inspired by Viennese Actionism – that art evokes emotions. For me, a museum is not only a place of presentation, but a place of movement, and even if you're screaming, you've reached a destination,” he says. Mobus-p.

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