Brutal car driver deliberately runs down parking attendant

A particularly difficult one A case of coercion step was custody A 36-year-old driver from Slovenia in the parking lot on Saturday Branch (Riut District). The woman drove with consciousness In one Referee The ski parking lot wanted to stop them from continuing the journey they had already made column from other guests Expired was

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The woman got out of the column in her car and walked towards the 30-year-old servant who was following her. By hand signal She indicated that she should stop. But, the girl beat him lightly Under foot.

The woman drove three meters with the man in the hood

After Intense eye contact And Another sleight of handPolice said the woman again ignored the request and first assaulted him lightly jawsBefore she gave full throttle and through it the signalman Chances are on the hood The car came to rest.

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Then he was able to grab the hood. After approx. Three meter ride Then the woman suddenly stopped her vehicle and the man fell off the hood.

According to preliminary investigations, a 30-year-old man survived the incident unhurt. The driver continued his journey at full speed and was able to find out.

Because she persuasion And tried confusion The Innsbruck public prosecutor's office has been informed, and reports will continue to the Reutte district administration.

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