Carinthia: Large snake found in suspicious package

A great controller, for one Boa constrictor With a body length of 50 to 70 centimeters, it arrived in a package at the Eastern Distribution Center on Wednesday. Klagenfurt was discovered.

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A young employee noticed this Air holes “Kronen Zeitung” reported on Friday that the suspicious-looking package was opened and the contents met with shock.

Reptile expert Helga Hopp is called in and now tries to raise the hypothermic animal.

In Collection from Carinthia Deutschland To go, the contents were identified as “mirror images,” Hopp told APA. When he arrived at the distribution center in the evening, he asked the staff to observe distance.

Snake severe hypothermia

“As usual Venomous snakes Illegally shipped in a package.” Then she looked carefully and found the young boa. “The snake had a very bad transit, it was completely hypothermic. I stuck it in the crook of my armpit and it was ice cold.”

According to Hopp, the animal would not have survived the transport. There was a heat pack in the package, but it was already cold.

The animal was brought to the Klagenfurt Reptile Zoo

Boa is now in Klagenfurt Reptile, which runs the hop. “I took the snake to the zoo and slowly warmed it up.” The reptile spent a long time under a heat lamp in its new home, then retreated to a hideout on Friday morning.

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“We'll try feeding in the next day or two.” Happ strongly recommends the use of wildlife transportation services that cater specifically to the transportation of wild animals. In this particular case, Happ informed the Animal Protection Ombudsman and everything else is up to the responsible authorities.

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