Concern about legend: Tony Bolster underwent emergency surgery at the hospital

Austria's football legend Toni Bolster seems to be suffering from serious health problems. According to a report by “Krone”, the 59-year-old underwent emergency surgery at a Vienna hospital due to a punctured stomach. He is said to have been admitted to the intensive care unit.

There has been a lot of concern on social media about the current coach of the regional league team Wiener Victoria. Many fans have also posted congratulations. In the past few days, the former kicker made headlines with his lawsuit against the ÖFB for sanctioning three goals in the national team jersey. Bolster did not appear at a press conference on the matter in the morning due to a doctor's visit. Cancellation is very short notice.

Alexander Hiersche explained at a press conference in Vienna on Thursday that the ÖFB's reasons for why the games have been unofficial since the 1980s do not stand up to legal scrutiny. “There are no official and unofficial international competitions,” said Manfred Ainedter. “We are – without a doubt – entering new legal territory,” he said. Bolster is represented by a well-known lawyer, as is Hearsay from Hasslinger/Nagel, a law firm specializing in association law.

The case relates to three friendlies that did not appear in the ÖFB international competition statistics – and, according to the ÖFB, certain requirements of FIFA regulations were not met at the time. In particular, it concerns the games Liechtenstein – Austria (0:6 in Vaduz on June 7, 1984, one cushion goal), Tunisia – Austria (1:3 in Tunis on February 7, 1987, two cushion goals) and Morocco – Austria. (3-1 on February 2, 1988, cushion no goal).

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