emporia: New smartphone development for new customer groups

5G-smartphone with no-panic-button

With the ME.6, Emporia introduces a smartphone for the mainstream that also has a no-panic button.

With the ME.6, Emporia introduces a smartphone for the mainstream that also has a no-panic button.

With the ME.6, Emporia brings a fully equipped 5G smartphone to the market. The smartphone is aimed at a larger target group than previously expected from the Linz-based smartphone manufacturer. However, Emporia remains true to its roots; The ME.6 features an external no-panic button for added security.

“With the ME.6 we are targeting those who appreciate the bodyguard function of a cell phone,” explains Herbert Swatch, Sales Manager Emporia Austria. ME.6 is packed with everything you can expect from a smartphone: 5G technology, Android 13, triple main camera and Camera Pro, fast octa-core processor, NFC, voice input, ASHA support (especially good hearing quality even with a hearing aid ) or fingerprint sensor, It is now a prerequisite for using a digital office in many European countries.

However, the ME.6's unique selling point is the no-panic button. This external button – easily recognizable as a heart in a red circle – can be accessed directly at any time without having to search through the menu on the back of the cell phone or press complicated key combinations. Pressing the No Panic button on the back of the cell phone for three seconds automatically activates the international emergency number 112. At the same time, the location data is sent to the emergency center so that it can be located quickly. The smartphone starts flashing and an audible alarm sounds, alerting people around you. Hands-free mode is also enabled so that the person you are calling can hear what happened even if you don't have the cell phone to your ear.

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Direct access, easy operation

“The no-panic button gives you a good feeling that you're not alone,” says Swatch. “The direct access and easy operation of the no-panic button is a great advantage, because in an emergency or exceptional situation you rarely have to think for a long time about where and how you can quickly get help.” The button communicates safety in many situations, for example when walking home at night. Or When you're planning a solo summit tour and run into trouble in the mountains, you'll be glad to know quickly where the mountain rescue team can find you, even if your cell phone's standby time is a generous 15 days.

Towards the mainstream

With more than 30 years of market presence in Europe, Emporia is a stable brand that has won many awards for its quality. The manufacturer is known in the market for its mobile phones for the 65+ target group. With the ME.6, Emporia moves towards the mainstream. The smartphone automatically boots into Android mode. However, the Linz-based manufacturer has not forgotten its roots: via the system menu, the cell phone can be switched to a clear simple mode with clear fonts and large control panels. You can also find the information center in this mode where all notifications (eg missed call, new email or WhatsApp message) come together.

In addition, Emporia emphasizes its position as a European smartphone manufacturer with the new device. emporiaME.6 was developed and designed by Emporia's hardware and software experts and industrial designers in Germany and Austria. 80% of the added value of this smartphone is made in Europe. The emporiaME.6 will be available in Austria from April for 299.90 euros.

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