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Impressions of 2023: State Councilor Ursula Lockner at Murau Energy Camp

Cross (March 20, 2024).- Hydrogen energy is considered one of the pillars of the future. But what role does it play in the energy transition in Austria? Where does hydrogen come from and can hydrogen be produced at home? What about the topic of hydrogen in motion? These and other interesting topics are explored from all sides at the Murau Energy Camp.

Registrations for Energy Camp 2024 are now open (registration Anyone interested has a chance to take advantage of the early bird discount until April 2.

“Murav is developing more and more into an alpac for energy issues, and our constant work in the world of Murav wood is slowly paying off,” he says. Harold CroxnerHolsveld Murau is the managing director.

The 10th annual edition at Mura will be here again this year with many distinguished speakers. is among the guests Michael Haracek. He is known for his innovations in the hydrogen economy and for this was awarded the “State Patent Prize 2023” and the “Hauska Prize”. Participants can expect a lecture Sarah Loeschl be happy He works in the Union Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs and coordinates the implementation of the Hydrogen Strategy. It will do the same Vanaja Subotic from the Institute of Thermal Engineering at TU Graz. He received the Styrian Research Award for his research into the development of fuel cells. Also, I will eat Jürgen RechbergerVice President Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Powertrain Engineering at AVL List GmbH.

Like every year, Energy Camp Murau is not only a special event but offers a combination of information, discussion and entertainment. After the success of 2023, there will also be a special edition of “Fakt oder Fake” with host and cabaret artist in 2024. Clemens Maria Schreiner to give

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Over the past ten years, Energy Camp has tackled hot topics such as “Using Wood for Energy Conversion”, “Energy Storage as a Game Changer” and “Mobile Energy”. “We came up with the topic 'Blackout' in 2015 – a topic that's more relevant now than ever. It shows that the Energy Camp is a pioneer when it comes to energy issues,” Kragsner said.

“Over the years, the Murau Energy Camp has played a central and important role as a source of inspiration when it comes to mastering the energy transition,” says the Regional Councilor for Climate Protection. Ursula Lockner. “In Styria we can have extensive knowledge in the field of energy innovation. I would like to thank everyone responsible for their commitment.

Full program and all information about registration can be found here

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Cross, March 20, 2024

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