“Girl Forward” – Big cheers to St. Bolton band “Rusty Railgun”.

A concert night dedicated to women with powerful voices was coming up at Freeram. Althea Muller and Stina Stani invited people to “Women Lead Freeram”. Five acts with women on the microphone showed what they can do with music.

Originally Mostvierdler Gianna Rose Lengover, backed by Pablo Vázquez Ibáñez on guitar. She showed emotion and shame through songs in dialect. There was a strong contrast with the band “Anjona K” – energetic action on stage and thunderous rain to the eardrums. It continued loudly as “damage reconstruction”. The Viennese formation showed impressive sovereignty on stage.

Stany was on stage with his own band “Havenal”. She absolutely captivated with her powerful voice and stage presence that really captivated the audience. The grand finale of the evening: St. Bolton band “Rusty Railgun” performing, fronted by Elisa Berchotto. The audience was so engrossed in the performance that they allowed the young musicians to leave the stage only when they played their song “Burning Rose” for the second time.

All 100 raffle tickets were sold out in no time. Müller and Stani handed over 300 euros to representatives of the “House of Women” on stage.

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