“I don’t want any drama!” Milo Rau Marlene Engelhorn | SA | 18 05 2024 | 5:05 p.m

Two Nobel laureates, former UN The special envoy, the pioneer of the feminist avant-garde and the citizens of the districts: in the coming weeks they will all be invited to participate in an activity located at the intersection. Art and activism. At the start of the Vienna Festival weeks, neo-Intendant Milo Rao is ambitious. The Swiss theater producer – perhaps following the example of the great theater destroyer Elfriede Jelinek – wanted no theatre! For the duration of the festival, Rao invites you to the “House der Republic!” A. It is a combination of festival headquarters and discussion group, intended to show that art can permeate the public and even more so the political sphere. In the super election year of 2024, Milo Rao is following in the footsteps of a radical actor who kicked the political dust in 2000 as part of the Vienna Festival Weeks. With his famous container campaign, Christoph Slingenchief raised the bar and drew politicians and the media to the art tribunal. In 2024, Milo Rao will follow in his footsteps and cut a new path in the activist jungle of ideas. In Diagonal Studio, the theater producer explains why the Vienna Festival is the Free Republic of Vienna in the spring of 2024! calling

Discuss in the studio:

Milo Rao, Director of the Vienna Festival Weeks

Marlene Engelhorn, activist and journalist, co-founder of the Talk Me Now initiative

Alfred J. Noll, Constitutionalist, Lawyer, Journalist

Thomas Kramer, Journalist “Die Press”

Presenter: Christine Schucher

Collaboration: Thomas Meisgang and Hannah Balber

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After: “Tygonal’s Finer Musicsalon” with Thomas Miesgang

Cindy Lee “Diamond Festival”


Vienna Festival Weeks 2024

Free Republic of Vienna

The City Theater of the Future, NT Gent

Now for me tax – tax justice

Alfred J. Knoll. Hobbes Encyclopedia – An apicarium on the work of Thomas Hobbes.
Volume 0-IV. Chernin Publishing House

Radiokulturhaus – 40 years of Diagonal, live from the big broadcasting hall – recording

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Author: Chapman
Album: Tracy Chapman
Talk about a revolution
Performer/Starring: Tracy Chapman
Length: 02:38 min
Label: Electra 960774

Composer: Lennon
Composer: McCartney
Album: The Beatles 1967-1970
Performer: The Beatles
Length: 03:23 min
Label: Apple 05309

Author: Flegel
Title: Diamond Jubilee
Performer/Starring: Cindy Lee
Length: 03:12 min
Label: Furnace

Author: Lind
Title: “Baby Blue”
Performer/Starring: Cindy Lee
Length: 02:47 min
Label: Furnace

Author: Flegel
Title: Kingdom Come
Performer/Starring: Cindy Lee
Length: 01:00 min

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