iOS 17 version: Apple admits iPhone alarm clocks are broken

Many users have been complaining for months Apple products About how their iPhone alarm clocks have become unreliable since the release of iOS 17. Although the alarm clock is displayed on the screen, there is no sound. Now Apple has for the first time publicly commented on the issue and identified the bug Wall Street Journal agreed.

users iOS devices As writes, the problem may be related to the “attention-sensitive functions” option. Many suggested simply turning off this feature. It is located in Settings under “Face ID & Code”.

Compared with Wall Street Journal cap Tech-giant there Confirms that the Silent Alarms problem is caused by a bug in iOS 17. Apple is currently working on fixing the bug. However, no date for the corresponding update has been announced yet. X user Chris Chandler explains in a short video how widespread the problem is and whether it can be traced back to individual models in the iPhone series or if multiple models are affected.

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