Jungle Queen Lucie Diakowska donates a portion of the profits to the animals

“I will actually donate a piece to a registered association that works with animals in Germany,” the 47-year-old told RTL in the Australian city of Gold Coast on Monday, hours after being crowned. “I've already donated my winnings with my dog ​​Jerry to them from 'Top Dog Germany.'” Another part flows into her project in Bulgaria, where Diakowska has opened a hotel and committed to the surrounding Kylaka nature park. “There I work against the neglect of nature.”

A bundle of energy and patty on the gymnastics team

Known for pop band No Angels (“Daylight in Your Eyes”), the singer captivated audiences with a steady set of energy. “I don't know where I get my strength from, but I know who I am.” One of his grandmothers is 87 years old. “He led the gymnastics team until the end of his days.” The team won the tournament in Bulgaria. “She's done sports and gymnastics all her life.”

On the RTL show “I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” In preparation for the meager fee, Diakowska changed her diet a few weeks ago and ate only one meal a day. Then there was a shortage of food in the camp. “I'm down to 48kg now. That's the weight I was with No Angels in 2002, 2003.” She had to buy trousers – she only had two pairs that fit her.

“I have a gag reflex soon”

It was clear to her from the start that trials of courage over food would be the worst challenge. “I have an early gag reflex and a very small mouth. I know it's difficult or impossible.” Yesterday evening, the 47-year-old ate a dead tarantula. “The spider had a disgusting taste. It was bitter and sour. But you shouldn't imagine like lemons and grapefruits, it's a different acid.” She developed tunnel vision in the finals and that helped her.

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The singer said she invited all her fellow campers to Bulgaria for her birthday in April. Now she is eager to call her family because there is so much to talk about. “On February 1st I became an aunt for the third time,” Diakowska said. “My brother had a third child.”


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