Kafka Year 2024 in Lower Austria: All events at a glance

In memory 100th Anniversary of Franz Kafka On June 3, 2024, one of the most important writers of literary modernism Lower Austria 2024 Kafka’s work and its impact on art and culture Detailed plan In events and initiatives at the center.

“Franz Kafka had a lasting impact on world literature. Lower Austria was his place of work for a long time. The Kafka Year in Lower Austria 2024 offers a Multifaceted and in-depth study of work And along with the life of Franz Kafka, his memory provides fitting justice,” said state governor Johanna Mickle-Leitner.

“Kafka Tag”

After a new production of one of Kafka’s major works, “The Trial”, was shown at the Lower Austria State Theater at the beginning of the year and the conference “The Kafkaesque in the Arts” was held at the University of Continuing Education in Krems. In May, new production will now continue this week “Kafka-Tage” in Gmünd and České Velenice.

Here are several events in the program: Launching June 6th Readings on trains from Prague and Vienna to Gmund or Ceske Velenice and at special conferences at the Phoenix Cultural Center in Ceske Velenice June 7 Cultural walks through Gmünd and České Velenice and a concert and a dance performance, in České Velenice, on 8. June.

Podcast “The Last Days of Kafka”

Kafka has a special program as part of the year Podcast “The Last Days of Kafka”, Produced by the Austrian Kafka Society in association with the Austrian Society for Literature. In Chapter 53 The audience is in the last weeks of Franz Kafka’s life at the sanatorium dr. Hoffmann, marked by his terminal illness, but also by intense exchanges with those close to him and literary reflections.

This podcast provides an in-depth look at Kafka’s personality and work and enriches the cultural program for the commemorative year Intimate, narrative element. Dr. at the sanatorium today. Hoffmann erected a Kafka Memorial Room, which also serves as the headquarters of the Austrian Franz Kafka Society. The Memorial Room can be visited on weekly Open House Saturdays and by appointment.

Cooperation with local associations and institutions also ends on site. For example, the Girling Library is planning one Kafka-Weck (“Steps” project). School writing competition Planned in collaboration with the municipality Exhibition of the Klosterneuburg Artists’ Association as well as one An evening about the Jewish community In Klosterneuburg during Kafka’s time.

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