Laptop hangs: Here's what you can do

1. Wait

If the notebook or computer is not responding to the user's input, it is often a sign that they are busy with other computer tasks. Even if you think the laptop is down, it could be doing other calculations in the background. There could be various reasons why the device is too busy:

  • The antivirus program is currently scanning.
  • A complex program has just started and is still loading.
  • Updates have been downloaded and/or installed.
  • Several autostart programs should be opened after the computer starts up.
  • A virus crashes the computer.
  • RAM is full.
  • Hardware defect.

2. Turn off the device

If the diagnosis is: “Laptop crashed” and the computer does not respond for several minutes, you should try to restart it. It can be used to end background processes that slow down or crash the system. Of course, this can be difficult if the computer no longer responds to input. On both Windows and Mac, press the power button for several seconds and the device should turn off. If you restart the computer, it should accept keyboard and mouse commands again. The RAM is empty and all processes (including the interrupting one) are shut down.

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