“Many things went wrong at AUVA”

The patient advocate reports on patients whose operations at Böhler have been canceled and who are now being turned away from Vienna community hospitals. What went wrong?

AUVA's communication is not working. The lines “the flood is behind me” gave the impression that it was closing its doors which was unacceptable. I also clarified this to AUVA. She has to make sure that the patients have completed their treatment. So it was agreed.

Last week you demanded that the AUVA president “get his business under control”. Is it now?

I get the impression that he certainly tried very hard to get the message across. She was unequivocal: no loss of efficiency was acceptable.

As a city councilor for health, how do you feel about having a hospital in the middle of Vienna that has been a death trap for patients for decades due to fire safety deficiencies?

I wouldn't say this so harshly, but it's basically true. What's doubly interesting is that this is, of all things, a building owned by a general accident insurance company. I think AUVA is coming to terms with its past.

Now check if your community hospitals have fire safety in place?

This happens regularly and there are procedures for it. Apparently not at AUVA.

AUVA staff, but your party colleagues say fire safety issues are just an illusion. In fact, AUVA is concerned with saving the location.

I see no reason to comment on rumours.

At the beginning of April, part of the Böhler team is scheduled to work on the AKH replacement quarters. Is it even possible to move in such a short period of time?

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If you try, yes. If the AUVA administration just sits back, goes golfing and thinks everything will be fine, it won't. But then there will actually be a conflict.

Böhler employees fear having to act as a stopgap at the understaffed AKH.

It's understandable to be concerned. However, the city, AKH and MedUni have made it clear that they are not interested in poaching AUVA employees. For one simple reason: we don't want to limit AUVA's range of services.

From 2025, Böhler doctors will move to the yet-to-be-built replacement container quarters at Nordwestbahnhof. Is it already clear that this location is technically suitable?

I was also surprised that this place was reported so clearly on Friday. I can't imagine it's all over already.

According to AUVA, operations will resume at the current location from 2030. The new hospital is part of the health and research complex. Is it realistic?

Six months ago the city, the AUVA and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce announced that in addition to the hospital, a research base and a manufacturing facility for prosthetics would be built on the Lorenz Böhler site. Nothing has changed in that.

Does that mean Böhler Hospital will be back in action at its location in the 20th arrondissement?

Yes. This is clearly acknowledged.

How would you like to get AUVA compliant in an emergency?

My creativity has almost no limits. Vis-a-vis knows that too. AUVA space cannot be closed.

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