Marc Marquez in red: Why does it have to happen / MotoGP

24 hours ago, 40 hours without doubt was official. When Massimo Rivola presented new Aprilia star Jorge Martin, it was clear: Ducati protected MotoGP icon Marc Marquez.

The relatively inconspicuous positioning of the feeling with its honest but very compact formulas shows that the Ducati Corse must actually begin to communicate faster than planned. But after the first salvo from the Aprilia-Martin camp a quick shot had to be fired.

If you rewind the events to last Thursday and the time of the official opening press conference in Mugello, you will understand the exchange communication fireworks after the Italian Grand Prix.

While the microphones were aimed at the main cast, the media there assumed that Ducati had at least chosen George Martin as a factory rider from 2025. Confronted with the report, the Spaniard remained calm but did not comment further. Marc Marquez, on the other hand, has made it clear that he is not going to move to Pramac’s client group.

As he was not expected to drive the factory GP25 at Gressini in 2025, nor to dock at a factory other than Ducati, everything pointed to him taking the #93 first choice next to Becco Bagnaia at Ducati Lenovo. was in mind.

George Martin’s management realized this – and once again knocked on the door of the Ducati racing department. But no one opened the door. As Gigi Dall’Igna and Marc Márquez have already agreed, Ducati may let Martin’s option expire.

Aprilia didn’t hesitate, immediately letting the angry “Martinator” in. To ease the pain quickly, a few hours after the first concrete conversation, the World Cup president had a deal ready to sign. After the announcement, race leader Massimo Rivola made no secret of the fact that Aprilia was only able to protect the Spaniard as he was rejected by Ducati. But for the Noale factory, the only thing that counts is that they have access to a high-quality driver.

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On the other hand, Ducati as a leading manufacturer has the right to play its own strategy. Bologna’s main aim was to bring an unbeatable driver into the factory team as a marketing sledgehammer that could be used worldwide. The eight-time world champion’s value is not measured by results alone.

Gold costs. And Marc Marquez sold himself as well as possible and played the only possible card by having access to the best motorcycle.
His bank advisor also advised him to take this step. When Marquez missed the estimated 15 million payment for his Honda year in 2024, it was due to an exceptional circumstance. For the biggest rider profile in MotoGP we can’t even consider riding for another year at a special price in Cressini.

The only photo in the press release shows the extraordinary dimensions of the MotoGP super deal where the superstar is not wearing a hat.

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