Mika Vermeulen wins Cross Country World Cup Canmore – Mock Fourth with first podium in Kruger

Harald Oestberg Amundsen (NOR), Simen Hegstad Krueger (NOR), Mika Vermeulen (AUT), (lr) © Modica/NordicFocus

Simen Kruger won the freestyle mass start in Canmore after a successful escape and Mika Vermeulen made it onto the podium for the first time. Friedrich Moch was very satisfied with the race.

Vermeulen travels alone

Mika Vermeulen (AUT) © Modica/NordicFocus

After several attacks, Mika Vermeulen has indeed secured his first podium at the World Cup. After a quiet first lap, the man from Ramza picked up the pace up the climb and built a lead of up to seven seconds. On the descent, the pursuers came closer again – also because of the upcoming bonus sprint. The Austrian raced through the stadium again with a lead of a few seconds. It was time for Simen Hextstad Kruger, who had broken with Klebo at the start of the Gomer Mass, where, as expected, he had no chance against his team. Today, halfway through the race, there was no sign of Clabo, he was back in the field and his body language made it clear that he was not a force to be reckoned with in this race. As things began to go uphill, Kruger grabbed Vermeulen and found salvation in flight. Although Fredrik Mög reacted, the gap to the Norwegian had already opened and the German was unable to close it, but he led the chase group for the next few kilometers. Before the start of the last lap, Kruger extended his lead to 22 seconds, but Harald Östberg Amundsen was not about to give up just yet and attacked at the start of the last lap, together with Friedrich Moch, increasing the pace. Few athletes can continue.

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Vermeulen's second attack brings the stage

Mika Vermeulen (AUT) © Modica/NordicFocus

On a small flat section after 12.5 kilometers, Micah Vermeulen suddenly took the lead again and picked up the pace throughout the descent. The Austrian entered the final corner in front of the stadium aggressively and took the lead, but had to concede defeat to Amundsen in the fight for second place on the home straight. Even though he fell ill in the last few kilometers, Simon Heckstad could no longer catch Kruger. “It's almost a perfect race,” he concluded. “To be honest, I was very upset when the ten kilometer individual start was changed to a mass start. So I used the energy to make the race as hard as possible. When I broke away at the halfway point, I did my best thinking that this was my chance, but the last lap was difficult. I used too much energy earlier. I was afraid I had wasted it, but luckily the lead was good enough.” Mika Vermeulen was basking in the Canadian sun. “It's just crazy. And it's great because today is a day where I don't have to believe it. “Yesterday I didn't feel good, I laid in bed all afternoon,” she said. “Immediately after the start I had a There was a good feeling and I noticed that there was material under my feet. As I walked in front, I thought, “It must be completely free.'' But in the end it all came together and I knew everyone would be within their limits at the end and everyone would have a tough race on their feet. The finish sprint clearly proved one thing: I can only run well when it's about something.

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Strong Moch comes fourth

Jens Burman (SWE), Friedrich Mock (GER), Harald Ostberg Amundsen (NOR), Mika Vermeulen (AUT), Jules Lapierre (FRA), (lr) © Modica/NordicFocus

Friedrich Moch missed out on the podium, but came in fourth ahead of Jens Burman and Jules Lapierre. “It was a cold race today. The weather was perfect, very good,” said Friedrich Möck. “In the beginning it was very relaxed in the first two laps, but then Kruger's attack came and then the last two laps were very difficult. After Kruger's attack, he was a bit off and I tried to follow, but I couldn't catch him. Then it became clear that it was now second and third. Then Amundsen put pressure on me and I followed and tried to position myself well for the finish sprint. I was fine on the last descent, but I didn't make it past the slipstream. In the end it was fourth, but I'm still very satisfied.” Jules Sabbas finished seventh. Scott Patterson led the next group from eight to 14. Elia Barb finished ninth ahead of Bertu Hyvarinen and Martin Löström Niengt. Beda Klee finished twelfth ahead of Florian Knotts and Cal Halfvarsson. Anian Sossau, Lucas Bögl and debutant Florian Knopf finished 32nd, 33rd and 34th. “We can be satisfied with the men's performance,” praised team boss Peter Schlickenrieder. “Friedrich Moch showed a strong finish in his fourth place and was well positioned in the attacking position at all times. Like Florian Knotts, he gets another top 15 and all five starters will be in the top 35. We can be very satisfied with that. After a long time, the women's team It's the first time the men's team has won. I think this little dual will give us an extra boost for tomorrow's sprint races in better conditions, better conditions and a better panoramic view of the next races on fantastic, tough tracks.” Second was Swiss Jonas Baumann in 20th and Cyril Fandrich in 43rd. On the third lap, Lapalus developed stomach problems and withdrew from the race.

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