Morgan Spurlock dies: “Super Size Me” director dies at 53

Morgan Spurlock (1970-2024) died above all because of his criticism Documentary “Super Size Me” Well known filmmakers died Thursday (23. May) is just age 53 yearsA statement released by his family said: It is available in the American magazine “Deadline”, among others.. If Cause of death is Krebs Said.

Spurlock “passed away peacefully in New York on Thursday surrounded by family and friends,” the filmmaker’s family said in a statement. His senior Brother Craig Spurlockwho has worked with the dead on various projects in the past, wrote: “It’s a sad day when we say goodbye to my brother Morgan. Morgan gave so much to the world through his art, his ideas and his generosity. One Creative genius And one special people lost I am very proud to have worked with him,” he said.

“Super Size Me” held a mirror to the fast food industry

In 2004 there was Spurlocks Amazing documentary “Super Size Me” was released. In the work, the writer, director and producer made himself the protagonist. He only ate McDonald’s food for a month. If the fast food company’s employees offered him an even larger “super size” option when ordering, Spurlock couldn’t refuse because of his self-imposed rules.

At the end of the self-examination, Spurlock said he had Over eleven kilograms in weight was addedA little lower depressions And one His liver failure. The documentary grossed $22 million. McDonald’s discontinued its “Super-Size” option shortly after launch.

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