NASA lost contact with the mini-helicopter on Mars

die American space agency NASA According to his own information, he has been in contact with her Mini Helicopter “Intelligence” Lost on Mars. Correlation of Mars-Rovers “Persistence” NASA reported Friday evening (local time) that Thursday's flight came to an abrupt halt. Engineers tried to reconnect.

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A drone-like helicopter will land on the Red Planet in February 2021 alongside the “Perseverance” rover and is intended to support “aerial reconnaissance” in the search for signs of possible life on Mars. “Perseverance” transmits data collected by the helicopter back to Earth.

72. Airplane

The helicopter crashed on him on Thursday 72nd flight in total Shortly before landing, communication with the rover was lost.

X, an online service, previously said NASA on Twitter that the rover was out of sight of the helicopter, but the team was considering getting closer for a visual inspection.

© Image: APA/AFP/Caltech/HANDOUT

US officials have lost contact with “intelligence” in the past, most recently for two months last year.

The original aim of the helicopter was to weigh just 1.8 kg 50 flights to Mars must be completed within 30 days. He has already surpassed this: in total, “Intelligence” has already covered more than 17 kilometers and reached a height of 24 meters.

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