Netanyahu spat with defense minister – general calls “shameful” incident

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Netanyahu is concerned about the arrest warrant applications against Israel’s government applications. Rafah offensive continues in Gaza Strip. Message Ticker.

Updated as of May 21, 9:40 PM: Federal Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) has criticized the application for an arrest warrant against the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor, Karim Khan, against a top government official in Israel. At the same time, Khan had also applied for an arrest warrant against the Hamas leadership. “To be honest, I don’t understand how two such different issues are combined in one file,” Pistorius said during a visit to Lithuania on Tuesday. “This is a decision we must respect. However, I don’t think the result is perfect.

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The information processed here comes from international media and news agencies, as well as from the warring parties in the Middle East conflict. Information about the war in Israel cannot be independently verified.

The Netanyahu Controversy With Gallant – The General talks about an “embarrassing” incident

Updated from May 21, 7:57 pm: As the Gaza war progresses, the rift between Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Jove Gallant becomes more and more apparent. Yesterday, Monday, the prime minister reportedly excluded Gallant from phone conversations with top military and judicial officials ahead of the International Court of Justice’s announcement of an arrest warrant application against Netanyahu. This was reported through a government-affiliated broadcast Channel 12. According to the report, Galant then ordered all IDF generals to fall out of line — and they did. A general is said to have described the incident as a “disgrace”.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Jove Gallant attend a press conference in Tel Aviv. (Archive photo) © Abir Sultan/AFP

Arrest Warrant Application Against Israel’s Netanyahu: Scholes Defends Top Govt

Updated as of May 21, 4:55 pm: Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholes (SPD) emphasized that the terrorists’ atrocities cannot even remotely be compared to Israel’s war, considering the arrest warrant applications against the Hamas leadership and the top government of Israel. “The federal government absolutely rejects any appearance of comparability,” a Scholes spokesman said Build.

It said that applications for arrest warrants are only logical. Regarding possible arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Jove Gallant, Scholz explained: “The federal government has always insisted that Israel has the right to defend itself against murderous attacks by Hamas under international law. Against this background, the Attorney General’s allegations are serious and must be proven. Israel Germany considers a democratic constitutional state with a strong, independent judiciary to be taken into account.

Khan’s trip cancelled: Arrest warrant applications continue to draw criticism

Updated as of May 21, 1:50 pm: According to the US government, the visit of the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Karim Khan has been cancelled. The visit was scheduled for next week. Khan should actually talk to the Israeli government about the investigation and ask for their opinion. The attorney general’s staff is due to arrive in Israel on Monday to prepare for the visit. The Israeli government only discovered they had not boarded their flight when the arrest warrant applications were announced on television.

According to the German Press Agency, the criminal court did not respond to reports that the chief prosecutor or his staff might travel to Israel. However, he emphasized that the attorney general has been trying for three years to improve dialogue with Israel and obtain information.

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Chief Prosecutor Describes ‘Best Modern Anti-Semitism’: Netanyahu Furious After Arrest Warrant Application

Updated as of May 21, 11:50 am: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has responded to an arrest warrant request against the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Netanyahu called Karim Khan “one of the greatest anti-Semites of the modern age” as arrest warrants were sought against him and Defense Minister Jove Gallant.

In a video message on Monday evening, Netanyahu said Khan was “hard-heartedly adding fuel to the fire of anti-Semitism raging around the world” and compared him to Nazi executioners. “He now stands shoulder to shoulder with those infamous German judges who put on their robes and advocated laws that allowed the Nazis to commit the worst crime in history, denying the Jewish people their most basic rights.”

Tensions in Gaza war and Israel: Houthis shoot down US drone

Updated as of May 21, 10:15 am: The situation in the Middle East is tense due to recent developments in Iran. As Ibrahim Raisi’s funeral and burial begins, reports of minor clashes continue to erupt in Israel. Houthi rebels from Yemen have claimed to have shot down a US drone. The incident reportedly took place in Al-Bayda province in the south of the country. The group’s military spokesperson said this on a TV channel. The incident could not be independently verified.

Hezbollah commander killed in Israeli airstrike

First report from May 21, 8:52 am: Tel Aviv – Since the start of the war in Israel, Iran-backed Shiite Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon have continued to fire rockets into Israel. The Israeli military is retaliating with airstrikes and precision strikes on Lebanese territory. Another Hezbollah commander has been killed in airstrikes, the Israeli military said on Tuesday (May 21).

Hezbollah Commander Killed in Israeli Airstrike in Lebanon

Accordingly, Qasim Saqlawi, the commander of Hezbollah’s coastal unit, was killed in a drone strike in Tire, Lebanon. The Israeli military released a short video showing Sakhlawi’s car exploding. Hezbollah confirmed the death of its commander.

According to the Israeli military, the slain militant leader was responsible for orchestrating “several” rocket and anti-tank missile attacks on Israel. Saqlawi was believed to be responsible for attacks coming from Lebanon’s southern coastal region.

Israel Plant Limited attack against Rafa

Meanwhile, the offensive against the town of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip is the focus of the Israeli army. According to it The Washington-PostAccording to columnist David Ignatius, the Israeli leadership has now made the final decision to launch an offensive against Rafa.

Israel would advance into the city with two divisions and not launch a large-scale attack as planned, but rather a limited attack. According to the US, such an approach would lead to fewer civilian casualties, Ignatius wrote in his post. He cited President Joe Biden’s administration officials as insisting that at least 800,000 of the 1.5 million Palestinian refugees in Rafah have left the city.

Israeli military urges attack on Rafah: Netanyahu wants to destroy remaining Hamas battalions

The Israeli military has been planning a final assault on Rafah for months. According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, there are four remaining Hamas battalions that must be crushed to achieve “total victory.” This is one of the war aims of the Israeli government.

If Netanyahu and the right-wing extremist wing of his government have their way, military pressure is the only way to get the hostages back in Gaza. Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip have recently raised tensions with the United States.

Middle East Conflict: Interactive maps Israel war

Our interactive maps of Israel’s war show the locations of the conflict and its course. (PP/TPA)

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