New Uniforms – High technology and safety are priorities at FF Mödling

Equipment Master Philipp Robes, Administrator Georg Froeschl, Commander Werner Hauser, 1st Vice Commander Peter Kolar, 2nd Vice Commander Thomas Storr and Assistant Equipment Master Martin Trabeck.


DThe existing uniforms of the majority of the volunteers had undergone severe wear and tear during the course of several missions, necessitating the purchase of new uniforms.

During the acquisition process, FF Mödling focused on improved freedom of movement and a higher level of protection for respiratory protection wearers during internal attacks. The uniforms are made of modern materials that ensure both protection and breathability. Now the 25 members of FF Mödling are equipped with new uniforms, which are designed to have the uniform and professional look of the “old” uniforms.

In total, 25 fire service uniforms (Texport Fire Twin Track) and 12 technical uniforms (Texport Fire Wildland) were ordered. “The Mödling Volunteer Fire Department covers 100 percent of the acquisition cost of around 41,000 euros,” said Commander Werner Hauser. “Donations from the public made a significant contribution to the funding.”

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