“Oh la la—who would have suspected such a thing?” Trailer with Christian Clavier

Telltale DNA Tests

die Family Bouvier-Sauvage looks forward to a long one with pride Aristocratic lineage Again. as the only one daughter declares the son of a simple Peugeot dealer Wedding To like it, one is very unhappy. In the first meeting Future mother-in-law At the noble family's palace, the two parties quickly realized that they were worlds apart, not just in wine and car preferences.

To make matters worse, the bride and groom surprise their parents DNA-Tests, which reveals much about the origins of those who exist! Oh la la, now the mood is in danger of changing completely because some people think the results are an explosive powder keg. family tree fall and Wedding threatens to explode.

So the clavier starts again here Strength tour Cultural surprises and ruthlessness Side swipes – not only against the Grande Nation and its European neighbours…

Enjoy shooting at the fort

Author and Director Julien Hervé From 2000 to 2015 he was part of the creative team of the successful satirical show “Les Guignols de l'info” on Canal+. He presented it just last year “Asterix & Obelix in the Middle Kingdom” script. that the Shooting “Oh la la – who would have suspected that?” directly inside Holiday camp atmosphere Hervé expresses in one Interviewin it Press manual can be found in:

“We spent 22 out of 37 days shooting at Chateau Montaigne. We met every morning. Long shots to do return: One of them is 17 pages! We split them so that they rotate over a week. Everyone used them Qualitiesfrom which they Theater was brought. They are actors who know how to learn lines and love to recreate them. So we moved very quickly, I know that at In fact Was happy. I can still see Christian stamping his feet at the end of some scenes and being so happy!”

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So we can only hope that this satisfaction will be transferred to the cinema audience.

“Oh la la – who would have guessed such a thing?” When will it start? In the cinema?

“Oh la la – who would have suspected that?” disabled March 21 our Cinemas to see

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