PlayStation 4/5: Single player titles are more popular than multiplayer

Single player games are often described as a dying genre and publishers increasingly rely on live service games. However, data from the latest insomniac leak paint a different picture.

How many times have there been reports that multiplayer titles are hot shit and single player titles lose relevance. At least on PlayStation, that doesn't seem entirely true. What the data revealed during the recent data breach at Insomniac tells us.

Of course, there are plenty of hard-working users who analyze data down to the smallest detail and Sony's internal presentation from February 2023 caught their attention. Presentation said It shows that PlayStation 5 owners spend more time with single-player titles than multiplayer games.

There's pretty solid data in the documentation showing that single-player games have clearly come out ahead since the launch of the PS5. For example, in December 2022, 59 percent of the total game time of 1.6 billion hours was spent on single-player titles. 20 percent were interested in free-to-play titles, and 21 percent enjoyed multiplayer titles with PS Plus.

A similar picture emerges for PS5 and PS4 together. Of the 3.6 billion hours played in total as of February 2023, 2.4 billion were spent on single-player titles, 914 million on free-to-play titles, and 595 million hours on multiplayer titles requiring PS Plus.

So it looks like Sony is on a roll with titles like God of War and Horizon. Forbidden West or Marvel's Spider-Man are on the right track. However, Sony has a lot more catching up to do with Live Service titles, which will definitely change the picture.

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