Reconstruction and expansion of Murtal Master Workshop – State of Styria

Graz/Judenburg (June 5, 2024).- As part of the ASFINAG Enabling Act 1997, the Republic of Austria granted ASFINAG the usufruct of the Knittelfeld road maintenance depot. In 2007, a utility agreement was concluded between ASFINAG and the State of Styria, which regulated the joint management of the Knittelfeld site.

“In 2013, the Nittelfeld Road Maintenance Department was organizationally integrated by the Road Maintenance Service with the Murtal Road Maintenance Department, which was then operated as a single site. Now that STED has waived the right to use, extensive renovation and expansion activities are necessary at the Murdal Road Maintenance Department. The garages and gas station are already Last year, the company’s building and workshop are being renovated. In total, I am very happy that we are creating even better conditions for Styria, regardless of the weather LH Deputy Traffic Officer said. Anton Long This morning (June 5, 2024) on the occasion of the ceremony.

“Our road maintenance departments form the backbone of an optimally delivered road network and safe and fluid transportation. I would like to thank all the staff for their excellent work and I am happy that we are building a state-of-the-art and functional new facility for Myrtle Master Workshop with extensive renovations,” says the State Councillor. Simone Schmiedtbauer.

Groundbreaking Ceremony: Renovation of Institutional Building and Expansion of Workshop
By combining the Nittelfeld and Judenburg locations, there will not only be more vehicles and equipment, but also more employees. Now the building, built in 1965, is being adapted for 54 employees (47 road maintenance departments, seven workshops). This includes refurbishment of sanitary facilities including changing rooms, lounge area and offices. A total of 700 square meters of commercial and office buildings.

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Also, workshops (320 square meters) and two new work pits will be set up as per legal requirements. In the spirit of environmental protection, this part of the road maintenance department is equipped with a heater that activates the heating elements, and all the lights are equipped with LEDs. Heating was converted to district heating in 2022. The work should be completed by the end of September.

Opening: Garages and gas station
From mid-September to the end of last year, new garages and a new gas station were built. The parking hall is designed for six trucks including their attachments (spreaders, ploughs, mowers, etc.). In this case, the old gas station was demolished and a new system was built with a 50,000 liter diesel tank and a 10,000 liter capacity Ad Blue system.

In the spirit of environmental protection, a PV system (69 kWp) with storage (20 kWh) and a rainwater tank (20 m³) were built for industrial water use (such as street washing).

Advantages of Location Linking
Combining the Nittelfeld site with the Murtal road maintenance department brings many advantages and synergies from a business organization and business perspective. Franz GensThe head of the road maintenance service explains: “From reducing operating and maintenance costs of building systems, from a new, modern company building, from greater flexibility in work planning by a large team on one site, to optimized equipment use.”

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Graz/Judenburg, June 5, 2024

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