Scheider prefers more regional cuisine

Instead of street campaigning, Andreas Scheider relies on business and institutional visits in the EU election campaign in Lower Austria. The SPÖ leader was in Petzenkirchen on Friday to talk about the region in food production. He also visited the Petz-Laden self-service store, which has been serving regional food to the community for three years, and the Haubiversum bakery in the community.

“We need to create a system in Europe where we don’t promote large-scale industrial food production, but regional, good quality,” Scheider said. The region is the “way to the future”, and Brussels institutions must provide the framework for this, which can then be implemented at the community level, such as in Petzenkirchen.

Europe is very social, fair and just

They say it’s already working well at the Petz store. 40 marketers could be hired and almost nothing would be stolen, SP mayor Lisbeth Kern explained to the top candidate, who was accompanied by parliamentary colleague Günther Sidl and state party leader Sven Hergovich (all SPÖ).

Andreas Scheider rolls a poppy seed roll

ORF/Tobias Meyer

SP top candidate Schieder calls for more regional food production

The SPÖ currently holds five seats in the EU Parliament. As for her election goals this year, Sheeder said she’s running to win. According to him, it is about improving Europe, making it more social, just and fair.

The need for a European energy system

The same applies to the issue of expensive energy. The EU politician found out about the increased production costs from the boss of Haubiversum Bakery. Inflation affects everyone, private individuals and entrepreneurs, Schieder emphasized: “So we have to create a system that clearly recognizes that energy is an affordable commodity in Europe.”

A European solution to the leading candidate is a European organized electricity and rental price break and an energy guarantee for households who cannot pay their bills. “What we cannot allow is that the poor, because they are poor, sit in a cold apartment at the end of the day.”

Space for peace talks in Ukraine

On foreign policy, Scheider favors peace talks in the war in Ukraine. “Diplomacy is about seizing opportunities when they exist.” At the same time, Scheider, who describes himself as a “passionate foreign politician,” insisted that solidarity with Ukraine and his toughness with aggressor Putin should not be diminished.

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