She has nothing in common with Kate

On Friday 7th June, we got married HUgh GrosvenorThe Duke of Westminster and his fiancée Olivia Henson.

die times He described Grosvenor’s vows as “a very non-royal royal wedding”. A total of 400 people are said to have been invited – including many high-profile guests Prince William And Princess Eugenie.

The Lord Westminster, There is God child König Charles III. And one of the closest friends Prince William And Prince Harry. UAmong his aristocratic friends he is commonly known as “Hoogie”. His net worth is 10.42 billion pounds (approx. 12.24 billion Euros) It is estimated that he is Britain’s richest under-40.

But who was the woman who met Grosvenor on Friday? Chester Cathedral Did he marry her?

Olivia Henson: The new Duchess of Westminster

Henson, who established himself as “Britain’s most eligible bachelor” by marrying the Duke of Westminster, got married in a fairytale white dress with a floor-length veil.

The 31-year-old, who will become the Duchess of Westminster when she says her vows with Grosvenor, has often been compared to Princess Kate – who missed the wedding due to cancer treatment – because of her auburn curls and academic background.

Like the Princess of Wales, who has always been associated with the aristocracy, Olivia Henson comes from a wealthy family. loud telegram She hails from the Hoar Bank family. He is also said to count the Marquess of Bristol and the Dukes of Rutland in his family. May your uncle be like that Telekoff According to the Grand Master of the Scottish Freemasons, his father was a stockbroker Rupert Henson.

Commoner Kate Middleton attends the Scottish University of St Andrews, where she famously met her future husband William.

Henson graduated after meeting Grosvenor through mutual friends Studied Hispanic and Italian Studies at Trinity College, Dublin. Her education began at the private Dragon School in Oxford before attending Marlborough College, where Kate and her sister graduated. Pippa Middleton belonging to

Until recently, Henson worked for the sustainable food company Belazu. Insiders have a say in the magazine Tatler But it has been revealed that he has left the job to focus on a new “era” in his career.

Kate pursued her own career path before marrying William. Before Cat Appointed and served the nobles Cat For British Fashion Label”Jigsaw and in the company of their parents.

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