Ski World Cup Women | Now on Live Ticker: Descent of Women in Jacensi!

This is about: Today there is a descent on the very challenging Kälberloch route in ideal conditions at Zauchensee. Early on, it was even billed as “Kitzbühel for women,” and the piste has everything a classic should. The start is especially challenging, as athletes accelerate to speeds of over 100 km/h in a matter of seconds. The Salzburg World Cup venue is only added to the calendar every two years, so speed tickets are very happy. Many want the tournament at Gamskogel to be a permanent part of the World Cup.

Favorites: If Italy's ski star Sofia Goccia reaches the final, she will be hard to beat again. The 31-year-old took too many risks in the Super-G and was eliminated. Generally, things go well for her in the top discipline of the downhill, which is why the match was warned. Besides her, other Italians can have a say in the fight for victory. In the only downhill practice, Nicole Delago finished second behind teammate Federica Brignone. It will also be interesting to see how Ragnhild Mowinckel performs. The Norwegian has often been left behind this season, but he has been in excellent form in training. If you take into account the regulatory ranking, you can expect Switzerland as well. Jasmine Fleury is second and compatriot Joanna Halen sixth in the Downhill World Cup. You should never forget the all-rounder Laura Good-Behrami anyway.

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Austrians: Connie Hutter took the ÖSV women's first win of the season in the Super-G on Friday. In general, it was the first home win for the Austrians since Christine Schauer in 2017. Everything is in place for the next win going down on Saturday. Hutter goes into the race full of confidence and can fully rely on his current excellent form. Mirjam Buchner was drawn to super-G and training, as was Ariane Radler, to settle down with Chauncey after mixed results in the past. Scheuer or Stephanie veneer can do wonders. With an eighth-place finish in Friday's super-G, Tyrolean rounded out a good team finish on the red-white-red side. Apart from that, women's fast bowlers are now showing confidence. “There's more to come,” ÖSV president Rosvita Stadtlober said after Friday's win.

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