Suspected wolf filmed in Bludenz urban area – Bludenz

Wolf filmed in the Bludenzer South Tyrolean settlement.
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After the recent incident with a wolf in Nenzing, a video showing a suspected wolf has now surfaced in Bludenz. The photo was taken from a densely populated residential area.

During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a video was recorded in Plutens, more precisely on the border of the South Tyrolean settlement Nüziders, showing what appears to be a wolf. The video's timestamp indicates 3 am.

>>Watch the video here<

The incident happened shortly after a wolf was hit by a train in Nanning.

Both cases raise questions about wolf populations and their movements in densely populated areas.

No action required

“It's certainly not an everyday occurrence, but it can happen,” wildlife biologist Hubert Schatz tells ORF and continues: “The probability that this animal is a wolf is relatively high. The animal's behavior shows that it is curious and disoriented. That it wandered through the settlement area at night It indicates.” According to his warning, no action is required.

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