The 180 euro cheapest Android watch on test

The smartwatch comes at a low price and is impressive in almost all areas.

The Chinese tech giant presented its latest at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona flagship smartphones presents. And new ones Tablets Shown for the first time in Europe Xiaomi electric car.

required in an elaborately staged event Xiaomi Not giving up on the wearable category and introducing something new Xiaomi Watch 2 Before. A closer look at the expensive Android watch reveals something Confused game.

I took a closer look at the Xiaomi Watch 2 and wanted to find out if it was the one A cheaper alternative For Pixel Watch 2 by Google.

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Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro or Non-Pro

Keen observers may have noticed that Xiaomi launched the Android Watch back in September Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro. Now, six months later, it follows Xiaomi Watch 2 (Insert shrug emoji here).

Comparing the specs of the two watches, it's clear that's just the case Significant differences gives While the Pro model from Stainless steel is the standard model Aluminum prepared. That's why Pro has a significantly higher rating Weight.

Otherwise both are watches similar – Connectivity functions from processor and memory, battery and sensors, display and design line. One E.g However, it is not available in the standard model but is available in the Pro model.

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Different bands of Xiaomi Watch 2

Easy but difficult

The Xiaomi Watch 2 is Not a small watch. Depending on how you are configured, the clock can Cotton And Expanded works. The watch looks too big on my thin forearms.

However, it is weighty 37 grams It's barely noticeable when worn on your wrist. Watch 2 is generally higher ComfortNo pressure points even after a long time.

It's annoying Silicone insulation. The closure is designed to slide a strap between your hand and the rest of the band. In order for the sensors to work properly, it is necessary to keep the watch To put one.

This boils down to the fact that you really have to fuss with the tape, which is one thing Hard thing reflects. Xiaomi also offers other bracelets… Different locking mechanisms Feature – From 19.99 Euro.

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Putting the silicone strap on the Xiaomi Watch 2 is very difficult

Display and frame

circular AMOLED-display has a diameter of 1.43 inches and achieves maximum brightness 600 nits. For a device you regularly use outdoors in sunlight, it's not too much – just enough to understand the contents.

It is remarkably thick frame, which formats the screen. Are you using a dark one? Watchface, the wide frame is never noticed. With the light dial, the black rim of the case is prominently visible, which doesn't look pretty.

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Xiaomi Watch 2

Android is in the middle of the ecosystem

The Watch 2's user interface is a mixed bag Google's Android WearOS And Xiaomi's in-house HyperOSSame with the 90 euro Apple Watch clone Redmi Watch 4 Used – Here at Future Zone Test. In this way, the Xiaomi Watch is directly connected to the entire Android ecosystem.

That means all Xiaomi apps – calendar, notes, contacts – are controlled by their respective Google-Apps Can be changed if they are not already installed by default. The watch also has Google apps Maps, walletThe Assistant And get the news.

Contactless charging, wireless music listening

Since the Xiaomi Watch 2 is a NFC-module Integrated, it can also be used Contactless payment via Google Wallet and Google Pay will be used. A double tap on one of the two buttons will instantly launch the payment app for making payments on the terminal.

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Google Maps on Xiaomi Watch 2

That's what Android WearOS is all about Google Play Store You can get all the apps that offer the Wear variant on the watch, for example Share it, Spotify, StravaYouTube Music and many, many more.

Provides the watch's internal memory 32 GB. Plenty of places Music files Stored locally. Headphones can For Bluetooth You can connect to the watch to listen to music even when running without a smartwatch.

The user interface is robust Android phones are running dry. A vertical sweep does just that Control Center or the Notifications appearing A horizontal swipe is a shortcut to get to the most important widgets like Pulse, SpO2, Workout, Weather or Maps. The A selection of these widgets You can choose and sort yourself.


With Xiaomi Watch 2 you can pay with Google Pay

Management on smartphone

The clock is managed through a smartphone app”Mi FitnessAs the name suggests, the app also serves as a fitness app for everyone Sensor data Co-registered Exercises Represented.

Mi Fitness is one Positive surprise. The app is clear, provides detailed analytics and in-depth information about the respective workouts. Managing the watch is self-explanatory and simple. The watch is definitely compatible With any Android smartphone.

If you haven't already collected a large database of workouts, for example on Strava, you can easily create one using Mi Fitness. Overview of Exercises to get You still need to think carefully about which service you start storing your training data on.


Xiaomi Watch 2

Accuracy of sensors

Learn exactly how GPS dataThe Pulse– and SpO2-sensor I wear the Xiaomi Watch 2 at the same time as the current Apple Watch while running. The deviations of the respective data are low and not significant.

In this respect, Xiaomi's Watch 2 delivers Accurate analysis About different measurement points. The recorded GPS route also reflects the distance traveled.

Note that you can see the clock Very tight To get the correct data. I noticed this during a short walk when my heart rate was very high. After I strapped the smartwatch on tight, my heart rate stabilized Realistic structure A.

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Xiaomi Watch 2

Long lasting battery

The fact that the display isn't particularly bright can benefit battery life. And the Qualcomm-Chip Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 (4 nm) Seems to be reasonably energy efficient. Finally, the Xiaomi Watch 2's battery lasts relatively long.

Xiaomi gives Battery life Until then 65 hours at. This actually happens in everyday life. GPS is important for battery endurance. If you plan to go on long bike rides or runs, you should expect a corresponding decrease in battery life.

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The Xiaomi Watch 2 is charged in a charging cradle using magnetic pins.

Xiaomi Watch 2 vs Google Pixel Watch 2

Google's smartwatch is lighter and smaller than that Xiaomi Watch 2. scene of Pixel Watch 2 The diameter is 1.2 inches, while the Xiaomi Watch is 1.43 inches. Plus, with the Pixel Watch Up to 1,000 nits Significantly brighter than the Xiaomi Watch (600 nits).

The Xiaomi Watch 2 uses a flat design with a relatively thick display frame, while the Pixel Watch 2's screen is tilted and has no noticeable bezel. The Different design Also affects the respective size of the two clocks.

at operating systemThe Available applications And there are no significant differences in the user interface. However, the Pixel Watch 2 uses a crown as a scrolling alternative, while the Xiaomi Watch does not.


Xiaomi Watch 2 (li.) vs. Google Pixel Watch 2 (re.)

A Big difference Available at Battery life. Google only shows 24 hours here, while Xiaomi claims 65 hours. In daily life, the Google Pixel Watch 2 needs to be charged daily, while the Xiaomi Watch 2 lasts at least 2 days.

Price wise Xiaomi's smartwatch is a few steps ahead of Google Watch. At the same time The Xiaomi Watch 2 starts at 181 euros available (Here at Amazon) The Google Pixel Watch 2 will be priced slightly lower 330 Euro (Here at Amazon)

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Screenshots von Xiaomi Watch 2


Among all smartwatches currently available Android WearOS Xiaomi Watch 2 is running Very cheap. It offers everything you would expect from a smartwatch, has reliable sensors, offers plenty of measurement data and comes in an attractive design.

While the associated smartphone app and actual user interface are almost flawlessly constructed, the Xiaomi Watch benefits significantly from this. A direct link to Google's Android ecosystem.

That means there are practically no limits to the applications and services available Google Pay So possible. And as befits a smartwatch, the Xiaomi Watch 2 does the job Game clock It thereby plays every role in this matter.

With a price From 181 Euro The Xiaomi Watch 2 is one of the best Android watches out there right now Unbeatable price-performance ratio. A comparison shows what else is available in the price range:

Price Comparison – Watches with Android WearOS

Smartwatches with other operating systems


Xiaomi Watch 2

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