The main protest of the “last generation” in the Vienna museum complex

Hundreds of people gathered at Museumsplatz to raise their voices for climate protection.

Climate activists of the “last generation” have called for a large protest on Saturday afternoon at the Vienna Museum complex. Hundreds of people gathered at the museum in Newpa to raise their voice for climate protection in the constitution. Among the main supporters was 2022 ecologist and Austrian scientist Franz Essl. According to the police, the demonstration was peaceful.

“I have the feeling that those in charge don't understand what's at stake,” Anna Freund, spokeswoman for “The Last Generation,” said in her speech. “The truth is that these people are not doing their job. We call on them to take science seriously and act with the necessary urgency. It is time for affirmative action, and as a first step we demand the right to survival in the Constitution.

Attorney Paul Kessler, who represents some activists, also criticized the matter. “It is remarkable that no one bothers to have a broad scientific debate about how such a fundamental right can be framed.”

“The Last Generation” urges the federal government to include a fundamental right to climate protection in the Constitution. Therefore, activists want to take the fight for climate protection more seriously to the streets. For this reason, a huge protest “5 past 12” took place in the Vienna Museum complex on Saturday. (APA)

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