The mystery of black holes has been solved

is over Dark starsWhose attraction is enough The light caught on It was speculated as early as the 18th century. Astronomers and astrophysicists have been racking their brains about this phenomenon for at least as long. One of these numbers Black hole puzzles can now be resolved.

The serendipitous discovery clarified why there are “empty” regions at the center of galaxies No new stars are formed can be Not because black holes exist They devour everything near themRather because they release something again.

At the center of every massive galaxy is a black hole whose gravity is enormous All gas draws from the surrounding area. This gas is collected in a flat area Acceleration disk Around the black hole it heats up and Shining bright.

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A depiction of the powerful interstellar wind escaping from a black hole

Large emissions

But black holes swallow only a fraction of the gas swirling toward them, writes the European Space Agency ESA in a report. broadcasting. When orbiting a black hole, a region The object is thrown back into space.

In some cases the matter is a Such high speed All the gas in that area blown in all directions is carried away. On the one hand, it gives a black hole Without food On the other hand, it means that new stars cannot form in this region.

Until now, such high-velocity black hole winds were thought to occur only in very bright accretion disks. Now with the help of the ESA space observatory XMM-Newton Such wind for the first time at once Average galaxy was discovered.

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Galaxy Markarian 817 – Captured by the Hubble Space Telescope

The black hole wind sweeps everything away

Galaxy Markarian 817 It is noticeable that the X-ray signal it emits suddenly becomes very weak. The fastest ones were hiding Black hole wind The X-ray signal, as a result, can no longer be emitted. These measurements were supported by observations with NASA's Nustar telescope.

But the galaxy Markarian 817 isn't just a giant gas leak. On the contrary, one can Heavy storm Lasted several hundred days and gained momentum Several million km per hour reached

Be one with it open puzzle In our understanding of it resolvedESA writes in a press release how black holes and the galaxies around them influence each other.

Many galaxies – including the Milky Way – appear to have very large regions in their centers in which very few new stars can form. Maybe through this Winds from black holes can be explainedIt carries star-forming gas.

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