The old “Lorenz Böhler” had to outsource most of its medical services

die General Accident Insurance CompanyAUVA, in short, has fought hard for its own patient over the past months and years.

Same goes for the old one Lorenz Böhler Accident HospitalPast Brigittenau location of the Vienna Trauma CenterA partner can be found.

Among others, collaborations with the Elizabethan and Franciscus Hospital were planned. Likewise, the development of a research and business complex in cooperation with the City of Vienna and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

In this case, the planning work started regarding the necessary structural adaptations in the building. It is coordinated with the responsible authorities. A sobering conclusion is now available: a building over fifty years old requires structural and fire protection measures that cannot be implemented in the short term or in ongoing operations.

In addition to those implemented immediately Immediate actions Over the past few weeks, intensive work has been done on health care solutions in coordination with responsible authorities, construction and fire safety experts. Despite the efforts of all involved The location cannot be maintained in its current form.

A lot of things are transferred

For this reason, the board of directors decided in its most recent meeting Gradual and temporary relocation Services provided by location Brigittenau They decided to go to the displaced places.

“We want to assure you that this decision was not taken lightly,” one person said Letter to employees. “As AUVA, we are known throughout Austria for our excellent services in caring for accident victims. Maintaining this high quality of care for our patients can only be achieved with your help.

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Inpatient services will be shifted to allow patients to continue medical care as uninterrupted as possible. Meidling place as well as in cooperation with the Vienna Sanitary Society General Hospital Location City of Vienna (AKH).

In addition, there is an opportunity to use Meidling Rehabilitation Centers And White Court. One will remain at the Brigittenau location to ensure patients continue to have access to high-quality care Primary Testing HospitalIt contributes to the care of incoming patients.

“No Layoffs”

Finally it says: “Due to these temporary changes in services we would like to state clearly at this point No results will come In this context, more emphasis has been placed on retaining teams from Brigittenau and deploying them in proven form at relocated locations.

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