The wreckage of the crashed Cessna was found in Tyrol, Austria

Wreckage of missing small plane found in Tyrol
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On Tuesday, the wreckage of the small plane that had been missing in Tyrol since Saturday afternoon was found in the Stubai Alps.

The crashed Cessna was found by a police helicopter during a search flight in the Schranker region of the Stubai Alps, police confirmed to APA related media reports. The pilot was said to be on board the flight from Italy to Germany.

Crashed Cessna: More details about the crash are still unknown

Further details of the accident are not yet known. Investigators flew to the crash site Tuesday afternoon. It must be located at an altitude of 2,800 meters in snow-covered, alpine terrain.

Contact with the German pilot was lost on Saturday afternoon. Tourists and a cottage owner reported a low-flying small plane in the Stubai and Ötztal Alps. The search operation resumed on Tuesday morning after storms and rain over the past few days made search operations difficult.

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