Three arrests: Climate activists spray paint in front of a Viennese supermarket

The climate movement “Last Generation” demonstrated with colorful propaganda in front of a supermarket branch in the parking lot of Vienna on Monday morning. Three people were provisionally arrested.

Vienna/Inner City. Shortly before 7.40am on Monday, some Viennese wanted to grab something quick from the Spar branch in the parking lot before heading to work. But some in highly visible clothing gathered in front of the branch, which is known for queues on public holidays.

We were talking about the climate activists of “the last generation”. They spilled orange paint on the entrance of the supermarket branch on Monday. Their banners read “Right to Life” and was an action related to the “Effects of Climate Disaster on Food Supply”.

“Food scarcity is a real problem and will be exacerbated by climate catastrophe. We are moving towards a world where we have to fight for food. Many people already cannot afford food. What happens if the harvest fails?” 23 year old activist Then Fuis Quoted. Also on site was Anja Windle, known to the general public and referred to by the tabloids as “Climate Shakira”. Photographs show her lying on a painted floor.

“Customers simply walked in on them.”

Spar spokeswoman Nicole Bergman He did not want to comment on the incident, but confirmed that activists were in front of the branch between 7:30 am and 8:30 am. “The customers were surprised and the police acted on them very quickly and the operation was over quickly,” it said. Now the spilled paint will have to be removed by a specialized company, Bergman said.

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The Vienna police broke up the unregistered meeting. According to police spokeswoman Barbara Kass, the three activists at the site were given time to leave the site on their own: “As these demands were not met, three people were temporarily arrested.”

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